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Meditation - Movement - Healing  

I have been studying and practicing Buddhism and Yoga for over two decades, and began teaching in 2010. My passion is utilizing ancient spiritual teachings and modern science to assist people in understanding their own true nature. I believe that through diligence, consistency, and deep love, we can all create unwavering peace, both within ourselves and in the world as we gain confidence in our deep interconnection with all that is . 

We meditate to see and understand what is secretly running our lives.

"Adam’s wisdom and gentle, humble spirit are rooted in a deep joy that inhabits every aspect of his teaching."

"Adam is a wonderful teacher. He embodies the philosophy he teaches, and has a plethora of experience  that he shares so selflessly. Adam is someone who is  devoted to learning and teaching."

"Adam’s gentle intensity enables him to share ideas and offer direction in a way that is so accessible and yet so powerful, whether he’s cueing an asana or sharing the history of Yin yoga or leading meditation. Everything and everyone is connected, and everything and everyone is important. Adam radiates love."

"Adam's encouraging, compassionate and non-judgmental presence have been invaluable to me in deepening my own understanding and practice of meditation and yoga."

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"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."

Buddha, Dhammapada 1.2

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