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Adam’s gentle intensity enables him to share ideas and offer direction in a way that is so accessible and yet so powerful, whether he’s cueing an asana or sharing the history of Yin yoga or leading meditation. Everything and everyone is connected, and everything and everyone is important. Adam radiates love.

Niki Pappas, yoga teacher

Adam’s wisdom and gentle, humble spirit are rooted in a deep joy that inhabits every aspect of his teaching. Welcoming Adam to lead his Yin Yoga Teacher Training for our studio community was one of the most delightful and insightful experiences I have had as a studio owner and teacher.

Brenda Westfall, Yoga Teacher/Studio Owner

Adam is a wonderful yoga teacher. He embodies the yin yoga philosophy, and has a plethora of experience in the practice of yin yoga and meditation that he shares so selflessly. Adam is someone who is so devoted to learning about all aspects of yin yoga. Having him guide our teacher training meant that we all left with so much new knowledge and inspiration for our personal practice, as well as for our yoga classes.”

Tatiana Elghossain, yoga teacher

Adam’s training style is a blend of both his wealth of yoga knowledge and his many years of practice.  He is interactive, very informative, and adds new and different yoga perspectives throughout the class.  I highly recommend!


Julie Jackson, yoga teacher

I’m so lucky to call Adam my guru. He has helped me quiet my mind in ways I never thought possible. Though I have been leading group fitness and yoga classes for some time, Adam’s Contemplative Yogi certification program surpasses them all. He merges mindfulness with physiology, traditional practices and modern modifications, quiet reflection and expressive joy. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I highly recommend it!

Lauren Pax, teacher/consultant

Adam brings a knowledgeable, accessible and genuine presence to his trainings and teaching.   He creates experiences which foster awareness and curiosity and lead students to explore both formally and in daily life experiences.  Adam's encouraging, compassionate and non-judgmental presence have been invaluable to me in deepening my own understanding and practice of meditation and yoga.

Kimberly Porter, student

I have taken Adam's yin classes offered at Modo Yoga for several years and decided to take his Level 1 training in 2018 to gain a better understanding of the practice. Even having experienced a number of classes, I still felt like I learned a lot about anatomy and sequencing that have now helped to deepen my own practice. I highly recommend Level 1 for anyone wanting to take that next step in their personal practice!

Ashlee Youngpeters, student

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